WANTED: Pete the Cat

What a week! Andy and I are about to pull off the Christmas surprise of the DECADE! We’ve cleaned and prepped and organized all week. Thursday, while Carter was at Show Choir, just as Andy was headed to Scouts, Pete darted out the door. 6:15pm, 10 minutes before Charlie needed to be at basketball, and he bolted! Charlie and I searched in the dark as best we could. I posted the word on our neighborhood Facebook page. And we crossed our fingers!

I took Charlie to practice, and came back to search. Andy said he took off out the door south, then behind the houses, so I checked the back church lot, with no luck. I ran to pick up Carter and broke the news. Carter was upset, but together we searched one last time. With the car’s bright lights on and stained eyes, we searched the church’s back lot. In the silhouette of the neighbor’s porch, three doors to our south, we spotted a kitty waiting to be let in! Carter jumped out of the car and whistled. He came right to her!

Little shit! Unbeknownst to the kids, we leave tomorrow (Friday) for most of winter break! If he’d remained lost, he surely would have been gone forever.

Pete the Cat and His Great Adventure