Happy Birthday, Carter! From AJR!

We’re off to see Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met! Carter’s birthday present finally delivers!

Tickets: $198 for a pair
Sweatshirt: $54
Consecutive hours awake on this beautiful Friday: 21
This smile on this person, enjoying AJR: PRICELESS
There is not other place in the whole wide world I’d rather be right now!

Our show kicked off the Neo Theater Tour, and the boys did not disappoint!

Opener Tessa Violet

Girl was hell-bent on getting up to the stage! We didn’t make it all the way, but we made it pretty far, and we had a blast!

Carter, “Please come out!”

Next Up Forever

Birthday Party

Sober Up

The Entertainment’s Here – such a cool set!

Netflix Trip

Break My Face

Come Hang Out



Mash Up of Awesome’ness:
Three Thirty, I’m Not Famous, No Grass Today, Pretender, Call My Dad, Growing Old on Bleeker Street, I’m Ready, Bud Like You, Let the Games Begin, and Beats, with Jay Jay on the trumpet!

Turning Out

Wow, I’m Not Crazy

Don’t Throw Out My Legos

Dear Winter

Burn the House Down

Finale, or part of it!

100 Bad Days

Back to finale

They wanted heaven from me
I gave ’em hell
Now they want something bigger
I’m overwhelmed
I think it’s time to go now
I think my curtain’s falling
Just don’t forget about me
When you get out of college
If it’s my final album
And if I am forgotten
I hope I made you smile
That’s all I ever wanted Congratulations on your bit of success
Welcome to the Neo Theater
We can’t wait to see what you do next

She didn’t stop bouncing, singing, screaming, or watching in awe the entire time <3

On the drive home, my co-pilot cashed out! She made it about an hour and a half out of Council Bluffs, then swore that she never really fell asleep! In her AJR sweatshirt, that I expect she’ll never take off!

We got home at 1:40am Saturday early morning. We enjoyed sleeping in, then got our tootsies painted. Carter chose “Neo Theater Blue” for her toes!