“Chicago North”

The Cubs hit the road to play the Brewers, so of COURSE we tagged along!

We spent the morning at the Milwaukee Zoo, then headed to Miller’s Park for a night of baseball.

Rocking his Cubs flag, loud and proud! Even in Milwaukee!

The zoo was great! We saw all sorts of animals, Charlie came face to face with a jaguar, Carter loved the birds, and we learned the Scoop on Poop!

Then we headed to the Market!

This place was great! Treats as far as the eye could see!

And then on to Miller Park!

Great seats in a beautiful park!


The Boys! <3

So intense! 0 – 0 by the 2nd, when Rizzo finally hits a homerun, bringing in two runs! Then the Brewers hit in two a couple innings later, for a 2 – 2 score. In the 7th, Almora came into smash a homerun, and we were sure we’d won! Then … Yulich came in, and that was that. Two run-homerun to end the game. Bummer! But still a blast!

Getting Lost!

We have tickets to the Cubs / Brewers game on Saturday, so Andy had the best idea: Let’s take Friday off to get lost! And we’re headed for the isles of the Lost Island!

The slides were the best!

Having a blast with Daddy!

My adventuresome dudes! Charlie could ride this thing all day long, and Daddy’s just as brave!

Catching waves!

After a fun day in the sun, Carter, Charlie, and Daddy were O – U – T, out!

This lady! So cute in her summer gear and oversized glasses! Girl, summer looks good on you!

Best day!