MoA with the PaLs

I’d planned to take the girls to the Mall of America in August, for Carter’s birthday, but plans fell apart. So we decided to go over winter break. I texted Shane to see if I could steal Kelsey for a mom’s adventure, and he raised me that and three great friends!

And due to the coming snow storm, we got to stay for an extra day of fun and friends!

First up for fun: Dick’s Last Resort for some sarcasm and fun!

All smiles and grins! This is before The Hats and the waitress trying to hook Nora B up with the boy behind us. Horrific!

Awesome’ness! We did some shopping after Dick’s (huh huh huh), checked into the hotel, then headed to dinner at Chevy’s

Enter Snow Storm! Never fails, Minnesota! So we made the best of it (duh!), got some wine, and stayed another day!

Pool Fun! Cannonballs! Belly Flops! Whirlpools! And so many great belly laughs and smiles!

Best of friends <3

We cleaned up, headed to the room, and enjoyed some wine and treats wit cards. And, we got a Noise Complaint while playing Spoons! While I am not entirely surprised, I was annoyed! Don’t harsh my mellow, dude!

Thursday, 8:05am. Time to GET UP and GET MOVING to FUN TIMES!

HELLO, from Nickelodeon Universe and the #AdventureCrew!

2011: Back when Mama was 31, Carter was 5, and Charlie was 18 months’ish old

2018: Mama’s old, Charlie’s 9, and Carter’s 13 and taller than me!

Swiper, No Swiping!

With The Rockbottom Plunge looming ahead, Charlie suddenly got sick. He was FINE! In line and ready to ride the Brain Surge. He didn’t have a partner to ride with, so he came to me in tears, crying about feeling puky. The girls rode the Brain Surge, and we rode the Spongebob then grabbed lunch. Miraculously, after they were off the ride, he was better!

Rockbottom Plunge
Orange Crush! Favorite!

Harnessed up and ready to Zip Line!
The Face of Exhaustion! He opened it up, and we’re closing it down!
The Flirt was STRONG among these four!

My Co-Pilot in craziness! I’m so glad we could pull off a surprise and have a great couple of days together! There is no one else in this big ol’ world I’d rather have ruling my Tribe right along side of me!

Yep! Nailed it FOR SURE!
First ride and last ride: The Orange Crush! We had a coaster train full of people chanting COASTER! COASTER! with us and laughing and we rode. As we returned to the platform, the attendant said she could hear us through the park, and spectators cheered! What a great ending!
Goodnight, Nickelodeon Universe! It’s been a blast!
An IKEA stop, then the long haul home, fueled by sodas and Mike & Ikes!