Carter’s Tournament, Games 2 & 3

We missed Game 1 while at Charlie’s game, but it’s okay because it sounds like it was a wash.

Game 2, however?!  Carter was ON FIRE!  She was all over rebounding, and that beautiful red head was IN THE GAME!

And Game 3 … the proudest I have been of her all season! She had me in proud-tears!

She gets the ball, first, at 5:06. She puts it up and misses. But she shakes it off and takes off to defend. They regain possession, and head back to their basket. She is passed the ball at 5:45, gets stuck and passes it on. She moves, she gets open, they lose possession (even though she and Marissa fight for it!). They defend, they get the ball back, and they head back to their basket. Julia loses her shoe! They’re on offense. They’re on defense. She’s moving, she’s hustling, she’s playing like her hair’s on fire! At the 8:06 mark, Julia passes to her, she puts it up, and it’s perfection! Her smile lights up the gym, and she is congratulated at the time out (shortly after) by her team and coach. THAT SMILE has made every loss worth it. Proud Mommy Moment!