FXB and my Cheerleaders

I started my 10 weeks (part two!) at FXB today.  It was NOT a pretty sight, but ya gotta start somewhere, right?!

9.19.2013 064 9.19.2013 057

My two biggest cheerleaders: Carter, hanging out with me after soccer, doing push ups and Charlie, working out the gloves!

9.19.2013 066

This is the only thing that got me through Week One: My impending Free Day!

9.22.13 0049.22.13 007

Week Two has not been pretty.  I super-frustrated and had a minor (maybe major?) meltdown.  It started with a hammer and my scale, and when that didn’t really do much, I took the scale to FXB and ran it over in my car.  Twice!

9.22.13 0099.22.13 010

Much to my dismay, the hammer and car didn’t scar the scale like it had mentally scared me.  I beat the tar outta the bag Monday night, and left with tears in my eyes.  I took my Aim & Flame to it when I got home; Andy saw my frustration and doused it in lighter fluid and let me have my moment.

Emotional meltdown over.  Week Three is underway, and I haven’t given up!