Fun in the ‘hood

The sun brought out everyone in the neighborhood today!  And we had a great time catching up and playing!

4.29.13 002
Carter and Addy drew butterflies and “hearts that look like cats”

4.29.13 001
While the boys took joy rides in their cars.  They drove around and around our house and Abe’s, chasing the girls, picking them up and driving them around, and just driving like mad men!

Kenny: A Pirate Flag & and Island Girl <3

This afternoon, I got to share one of my favorite things with Carter:
Her first concert.  And we went to Kenny!

Much like his “I Go Back” song, we all have a song that somehow stamped our lives, that takes us to another place and time.  Every one of his songs make me think of a point in my life that I absolutely cherish.  Andy, Andy and I went to see him at the State Fair YEARS ago, and fell in love with “Young,” which was in our wedding video.  “The Good Stuff” always brings tears to my eyes and I think of my amazing family, who’ve had the opportunity to embrace and overcome some of those things.  “There Goes My Life” makes me cherish all those evenings of nighttime chaos with my little blue eyes.  And, I LOVE the green lights that ARE “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy”!  Carter loves “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven,” which I’ve never heard live UNTIL now!  And she loves “A Pirate Flag and an Island Girl.”  So being able to share my favorites with her, and for her to enjoy hers was amazing!

We had a great time hanging out at the block party before hand, rocking to Kenny hits at the show, and watching sweet little Sassafrass sleep at the end!

4.29.13 010
My sassy cowgirl!

4.29.13 011
It took some convincing, and a few moments watching other rides, but Carter decided to give the bull a try!  4 rides later, she’d finally gotten her fill!


4.29.13 015
Me, Janine & Amy outside the Corona No Shoes Nation tour bus

4.29.13 021
Welcome to the Well, Carter Kay!

4.29.13 022

Taryn, Madi and Carter, before Kenny

4.29.13 025
Carter and I, having a blast in the waaay-back row!

4.29.13 026
It’s almost time…..!

4.29.13 031
We danced, we sang, we had a blast!  And Carter got to hear her song:
A pirate flag and an island girl <3

4.29.13 032
In the end, Kenny proved to be just too awesome for Carter!  Around 10:00, she curled up in our seats, laid her head down and went to sleep.  Only Carter could sleep through some of the loudest and best of Kenny!