Doing homework

Every afternoon when I pick her up, I ask Carter the same two questions:
“How was your day?” followed by “Do you have any homework?”
4 out of 5 days, the answer is yes, and we come straight home and work on it together.  Lately, however, Charlie has been having homework, too.  It goes something like this:
Charlie: “I have homework.”
Me, because it is sometimes a battle with Carter: “Oh no!  We should go do it, right now!”
Charlie: “Okay!”  And he runs to the art closet, grabs a piece of paper and sits next to Carter, drawing scribbles and circles on his paper while she works on regrouping and estimating.  When she’s done (“I’m all done!” she sings), he will follow (“I … I’m all done, toooo!” in his itty-bitty awesome-dude voice).  I check hers for accuracy and give it back to her to put in her bag; I check his for awesome’ness and we file it away.

Carter and Charlie, slaving away at homework
(I LOVE his hand on his head, indicating that this is WAY TOO HARD!)

It’s bunny-time!

What a super-duper Easter!

We jumped with friends, hung out with Grandma and Poppy, made some egg-masterpieces, created new bear-friends and did a little shopping, ate lots of tasty Easter food, played with our cousin and aunts and uncles, hunted eggs successfully, loved on Poppa and Deb, and searched for goodies left by the Bunny himself!

The Crew:
Grant, Carter J, Carter Kay, Collin, Madi, Nora B & Charlie, ready to jump, play, laugh and giggle!

Two too-cute Carters!

Charlie enjoyed the “eggies” this year!  I think the most telling part of this photo is my poised Mommy-hand, ready to swoop in and save knocked over dye!

The master dye-mixer, ready to go!

“EGGIES!”  <3

“Look, Mama!  It’s lellow!”

Bright blue

Charlie really enjoyed the stirring of the eggs and dye (which really was just messy!)

Grandma found “snap dye,” dye loaded into a small wand, like a Q-Tip.  We snapped them to let color fill the swabs, and Carter painted away.  This is her “Carter Eggie”!  So creative 🙂

I present to you: Eggies, 2013 <3

After eggies and dinner (with lemon dessert, made entirely by Carter!), Grandma, Carter, Charlie and I headed to Build-a-Bear.  We made and clothed Almond (Carter’s bear) and Lucky (Charlie’s bear).  We got some spring staples at Old Navy, played in the Play-Area of Pink Eye, and got some necessary reading material (“The Super Friends” for Charlie and “The Phantom Tollbooth” for Carter, both to go into baskets) at B & N.  Grandma and I were worn out!

We then headed to Poppa and Deb’s, to meet the family for Easter dinner and our yearly egg hunt, sans the youngest Chalupa’s.  But we were able to FaceTime Corey and Makayla, and they were all there in spirit!  Carter, Marissa and Courney got to ham it up, eating ham, at the kids table.

Marissa’s pink rockstar glasses she found in her basket!

Courtney got an equally awesome pair in hers!  I adore these two pint-sized princesses!

The hit of the night were these little cars Anna found (“2 for a dollar!  Geez!”).  The kids zoomed them around the kitchen again and again!  Lincoln got the little blue one, but insisted on playing with Carter’s little pink one.  So, he got the pink car AND Carter!  Win, win!

Charlie missed it all!  He’d been going hard since Friday morning and it took its toll, hard!  Andy put him in time out around 5:30, after he refused to sit and eat Easter dinner, and he just curled up and zonked out.  He slept solid (I TRIED to wake him up!) until 9:15.  He was upset and needed “Mama and Lucky,” his new bear.  I changed him, got him a drink and snuggled him, and he was back out, waking Sunday morning around 5:15am. 

Chalupa cuties!
Lincoln (15 months), Courtney (7.5), Carter (7.5) and Marissa (nearly 4!)

The Andy-Bunny hid eggs (as Carter peeked from the window!), and off they went in search of the goods!

Carter and Courtney were a twosome search party; Marissa and Deb went one way, while Lincoln, Katie and Kevin went another.  After filling their three baskets, we returned inside, dumped the treasured and shared with Lincoln.  Egg Hunt Success!

This was the mess Charlie created Sunday morning.  I guess he was just a little off, huh?!

THIS is what we found at home:
Two baskets filled with treats and a new outfit for each, new bubbles, a squirter and a ball to play outside with, books for both and a new Lego set.  Lego Circus for Charlie and Lego Ninjago for Carter (and Daddy!)

It took about 2.4 seconds for the water squirters to become “weapons”

Pretty fly Carter!

“Look!  I find an egg!”  The hunt is on!
The Easter Bunny’s note said he hid 2 special eggs (those were gold, and contained $10 in Chuck E. Cheese tokens and $5), 12 fun-filled eggs (with tattoos, jewelry, bouncies and trinkets), and 12 tasty-eggs (filled with candy, what else!?!).  We found all but one candy egg.  Tricky EB!

Checking out the goods!

Charlie is now covered in Pokemon tattoos!  And pretty happy about it, might I add!

THANK YOU, Grandma and Poppy (there is a hint of sarcasm there 😉  )
They gave Carter and Charlie each a water squirt gun filled with jelly beans.  The jelly beans last about 5 minutes .. but who knew the guns really worked, too?!  I filled them both, pulled the plastic shower curtain and let them shoot away!  They giggled and squirted each other for a solid 20 minutes!

Happy, hoppy Easter!  Thanks for a fun-filled weekend, Favorite People in the Whole, Wide World!  We love you funny bunnies with all of our sugared-up hearts!
Love, Carter, Charlie, Andy, Kelly & the Easter Bunny!