ABC Adventures at The Ramada Tropics

Kelsey and the Kids slumber-partied with us Wednesday, then we met up with Janine and the Kids Thursday at the Ramada Tropics.  We jumped, splashed, swam, giggled, slide, smiled, and even jumped at Mommy (resulting in her dropped her old Canon camera, purchased in 2003, in the deep end!), and had a blast!

Now Playing in the Chalupa Cinema: Ice Age
Nora B, Charlie and I snuggled and ate our popcorn

After checking into the Ramada and swimming for a bit, we cleaned up and headed for dinner, in one awesome train! 

Back to the pool!  Charlie and Nora B loved the little pirate slide

Googles and jacket, ready to rock!

Grant, Carter and Collin = CANNONBALL!


Charlie and Nora B: Tiny Trouble!

Having a blast!

 I love this photo!  Mr. GQ Charlie and Sassafrass Carter Kay!

The ABC Littles, one awesome group of little people!
Madi, Charlie, Carter J, Grant, Nora B, Collin and Carter Kay <3

Chilling out, relaxing, watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates and eating Baby Bottle Pops, at 9:55pm!

Fun times, had by all!

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas …

… and heaven knows our house was anything but “quiet as a mouse!”

We ran off a little energy at Play Place.  They needed it!  Then we came home to help Daddy make Christmas dinner and Santa’s cookies.  They were little balls of energy all through dinner and clean up, and getting them to sit for a picture by the tree was next to impossible!  Then, the paper flew!

Carter got the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries series, new word-building vocabulary game and Pokemon Conquest for her DS, some schnazzy new threads and her Girl Scout (Brownie, technically) vest.  Charlie unwrapped some new Super Heroes books, a Batman and Spiderman cars as well as a letter recognition game, some new duds and some Spiderman underwear, for big boys!  Daddy discovered new clothes, including his requested robe, the new MasterChef cookbook, a new comb (his “need” gift!), and Iron Man 3, Captain America and The Avengers on DVD, which Charlie promptly claimed as his own!  Mommy was good, too, and opened smelly-goods from Bath and Body, The Hunger Games, Twilight Breaking Dawn, part 1 and Ted DVDs. and a new sewing machine, which I can’t wait to take for a test run!

Play Place insanity!

Rolling out the dough, Chalupa-style with his tongue sticking out!

Daddy making ham
Carty making frosting her Santa cookies
Charlie being awesome, wearing Daddy’s oven mitts!

Pre-present love <3

Merry Christmas, love The Chalupa’s!

To Carter Kay and Charlie, love Daddy
(they’re LifeSaver books, just like he got as a kid!)

Daddy got the new Master Chef cookbook!

Sparkly new duds for Carter

And Thomas the Train for Charlie!

Carter received the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries series

While Charlie got some new Super Heroes books!

Charlie opened, with help of course!, a new Spiderman car and Batman motorcycle (beats the Barbie corvette he drives around!)

Carter found some beautiful Build-a-Bear dresses in her stocking … that she thought she picked out for Marissa and Courtney!

Charlie stood, watching outside the window to see if Santa was here yet.  Adorable!

After gifts, we left our Santa cookies under the tree and sprinkled reindeer food outside next to our carrots.  Wearing their new Christmas jammies, we tucked both kiddos in bed, where they anxiously awaited Santa, finally falling asleep!

Sleepy Heads and their fully-completed Santa’s Beard/countdown.  He’s on his way!

Leaving carrots and reindeer food for the reindeer …

Sprinkling food on the lawn for Rudolph and crew!

And home-made cookies and milk by the tree for the Big Guy!

Santa was also very good too the kids!

Santa left a whole slew of great summer toys for the kids:
Passes to the pool and Adventure Land
Two rocket scooters, beach buckets, blast-off rockets and new swimming gear
A new twisty slip and slide
A new Gigaball (inflatable ball that holds a person, while others push them around the yard!)
And a new car!

Santa also left a note, amid cookie crumbs, explaining all this fun summer stuff was to make memories as a family.  That guy sure is kind and smart!

And funny!  He stuck Toby and Vanilla in the car seats!

They are both really excited about this big race car!

Carter got a jump rope and Charlie got a bouncy ball

Checking out the new slip and slide

Rocket racers for both!

Part of their new swimming “gear” included goggles for both

After a Christmas day filled with running, laughing, eating and playing, Charlie was pooped!  He fell asleep, Push Pop in hand!, at 6:45pm. 

Merry Christmas, One and All!