Oh Christmas Tree!

I dug out Christmas boxes of goodies Wednesday, putting up some small decorations and things, and also letting the excitement of THE TREE build!  They asked about it EVERY DAY: “Can we put the tree up now?!”

Well, today was The Day!

We enjoyed some hot chocolate (that Charlie spilled, cause that’s what he does!), then put up our tree.  Carter was a fabulous tree branch fluffer, and Charlie did a great job of dragging EVERYTHING out of the ornament box!  And our final product: simply perfect!

So good!

1. The empty corner
2. The tree
3. Garland and lights
4. FINISHED and BEAUTIFUL!  The kids ain’t so bad, themselves!

Disney on Ice, the Chalupa tradition updated

The day after we get home from Thanksgiving with our families, Carter and I have gone to Princesses on Ice.  This tradition started when Charlie was only a month old, because Carter needed some Mommy-Carter time!  This year, however, it was not “Princesses,” but rather “Disney on Ice,” so we adjusted our tradition: Daddy and Charlie came, too!

We’re ready!  We’re ready!  Bring on the Mouse!

I was a little worried Carter would be too old and “over it,” but I was happily mistaken!!  She had a great time!

Charlie LOVED spotting Woody from Toy Story and Mickey Mouse!

ROLL CALL: The Grand Parade of Disney Characters!