Today was Charlie’s day to pick our summer fun activity.  No surprise in his choice: THE ZOO!

New carousel rocks!

We got up close and personal with the giraffe as we fed her lettuce

He pretty much loved it!

At the cat complex, the kids were playing in the little pretend safari truck …

… then all of a sudden this HUGE monsterously gigantic tiger was directly behind Charlie on the other side of this 4-inch glass window!  Neither Carter or Charlie saw him, but I did, and I jumped six feet in the air and panicked … then realized he was in his observation area behind glass!


Safe and sound and slightly crazy on the train

The loves of my life <3

Just hanging out in Australia next to our wallaby pal!

Feeding and loving the birds

Scaring and terrorizing the birds!

Once across the swinging bridge, all smiles, we headed to the car for much-needed naps for all!

Aerosmith: The Global Warming tour

Kicking off their Global Warming tour, the Boys from Boston started out in Minnesota, and Andy and I (with Janine and Kevin) were there, front and center, signing and rocking every song!

Yeah, that’s our VIP backstage pass!

Andy (second in line to the left), preparing to ask Brad Whitford a question.  What a stud-puppy!

Brad Whitford

Joey Kramer, hocking coffee!

The drums with wings take the stage

My BFF Janine & I

Aerosmith’s #1 Fan and his super-cute wife

Tom Hamilton

Steven Tyler & Joe Perry, and us at row 6!

Brad Whitford, looking very much like a homeless man

Steven Tyler, who has amazingly beautiful hair

It ain’t over yet!  Then, a gorgeous white piano came out and Steven Tyler played/sang Dream On.  Unbelievable!

BOOM!  Confetti cannon!

Bad Boys from Boston

Thanks, Aerosmith!  It never gets old!  You keep singing and touring, and we will be at every show within a 5 hour radius!  Love ya!