Carter’s last day of 1st grade!

As of 2:45 today, we will have a 2nd grader on our hands!

What a great year of 1st grade, filled with academic adventures and much growing up.  But she’s still our goofy little Cheeser we love so much!  So proud of you, Baby Girl!

Such a smart and beautiful little soon-to-be-2nd grader!

In true Charlie fashion, doing whatever his big sister does, he needed a last day of school picture, too, despite not going to school 🙂  Silly guy!
(He’s still about 25% asleep!)

ICubs <3

Here’s a secret: I LIKE BASEBALL.  So when social committee scored a ton of free tickets to tonight’s game versus the Tacoma Rainer’s, we weren’t missing it!

Go Cubs, Go!

Cubby Bear made an impression on this one!  He even got a signed baseball from Cubby!

Carter had a blast!

Chalupa’s <3 the Cubbies!