Honey Creek Family Time

Since Andy’s been a workaholic lately, he had the brilliant idea for us to spend some quality, family time at Honey Creek Resort and Buccaneer’s Bay water park.  Like we’d say no!!!

2984-1.1.12 002.JPG

Jumping on the bed!  Let the fun begin!

2985-1.1.12 003.JPG

A bed-jumping pro!

2986-1.1.12 008.JPG

Friday evening, we checked in and let Daddy watch the end of the Iowa State game, then it was POOL TIME

2987-1.1.12 016.JPG

Carter’s working on her cannonball.  It’s hard to make a big splash when you’re a tiny Sassafrass like she is!

2988-1.1.12 017.JPG


2989-1.1.12 022.JPG

It took much convincing, but I finally got Carter to be brave and go down the BIG SLIDE

2990-12.30.11 003.JPG

Carter climbed aboard the turtle to cheese it up

2991-12.30.11 004.JPG

Charlie’s new ride – the turtle, and it’s HIS, by God!  He would monkey up on top of it, sit there, kiss the turtle’s nose a few times, then “accidentally” slip off, and repeat.  If anyone else tried to play on the turtle, he wigged out!

2992-12.30.11 007.JPG

Carter and Charlie slipping and sliding, together <3

2993-12.30.11 024.JPG


2994-12.30.11 031.JPG

Girl was all-weekend brave!  She crossed the lillypad play area, using the ropes to get across, all by herself!

<img alt=”12.30.11 034.JPG” src=”http://www.chalupas.net/blog/2012/01/01/12.30.11%20034.JPG”/>

2996-12.30.11 035.JPG

Cheesers: Mommy & Carter

2997-12.31.11 023.JPG

Charlie was convinced that if he hid, he wouldn’t have to take a nap!  Wrong!

2998-12.31.11 025.JPG

While Charlie napped, Carter and I got some delicious ice cream and cake and some Girl’s Only time!

2999-12.31.11 010.JPG

Then we hit the arcade.  As she passed me on the boat game (which I LET her do), she yelled at me, “SEE YA LATER, SUCKA!!!”

3000-12.31.11 026.JPG

Back in the room, it was nap time, not only for just Charlie, but Andy, too.  He came down with some yucky head congestion and felt icky, just in time for our family adventure.

3001-12.31.11 012.JPG

Buccaneer Carter

3002-12.31.11 013.JPG

Buccaneer Mommy

3003-12.31.11 015.JPG

Buccaneer Charlie

3004-12.31.11 029.JPG

New Year’s Eve, 10:28pm, the scene in room 128:  Carter, propped up on her arms watching The Big Bang Theory, Charlie, hanging on the side of his pack and play, trying anything and everything to get out, and old Andy and I, just wanting to get some sleep!  Happy New Year’s all!

Christmas: it’s time for the Pals!

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without out best friends!


Our Pals: Collin, Madi, Grant, Nora, Carter J, Carter Kay, and Charlie


Bring on the craziness!  Scarves, travel boxes, pillows, soaps and bracelets, along with ABC memory jars and 52 things I love about you – Homemade Christmas was an absolute hit!


Madi and Carter Kay, loving their scarves


Nora B, loving her Hawkeye blankie!


Carter playing with her travel box chalkboard, writing “I love Grant,” complete with a picture of her and him in wedding wear!  YIKES!


Carter J, running interference between the soon-to-be-married’s


Our Bonnie & Clyde, Charlie and Nora in their get-away trike!


THIS is the note Kelsey found, undoubtedly written by Carter for Grant.  DOUBLE YIKES!!!


Adventure, part 1: All seven children, under the supervision of Kelsey, Janine, Shane and I, at El Durado.  These guys were gems! 


Adventure, part 2: “We Bought a Zoo” at the theater.  Grant, loudly, questioned what “He’s a dick!” meant, and Carter sobbed when the son and father fought, but it was a great time with everyone!


We took our zoo to “We Bought a Zoo,” and they were champs!  LOVE you GUYS!!!