It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

YEAH!  Everything is magical and full of tradition.  A little hectic, but amazing.

I got the tree up with a ton of help from Carter, and even a little help and not so much unhelpfullness from Charlie!  The cat, well, he was a complete lack of help, but funny to watch as Charlie would scold him: “NO KITTY!”

2877-11.28.11 018.JPG

Our tiny dancer, untangling and dancing with the garland

2878-11.28.11 020.JPG

I love watching her dig out ornaments, looking for something specific and reminiscing about the beautiful bulb: “This was from when I was a baby!” and “I made this when I was little, like Charlie!”  I love that she loves this so much!

2879-11.28.11 017-2.JPG

I liked both of these pictures, and since Andy isn’t around while I’m blogging, I’m posting both!  Checking out lights, together, black and white …

2880-11.28.11 017.JPG

And checking out the lights, together, in color

2881-11.28.11 024.JPG

Beautiful bulbs!

2882-12.1.11 159.JPG


2883-12.2.11 012.JPG


2886-12.1.11 178.JPG

Checking out Santa’s reindeers before meeting the Big Guy!

2885-12.1.11 179.JPG

Charlie wasn’t having ANYTHING to do with Santa, so I got to talk with him, too!

Watch at Dance Week

We got to watch the Little Diva in action this week at dance.  One thing’s for sure: She likes to put on a show!

2867-11.8.11 020.JPG

Stretching it out before hip hop – look for tippy toey she can get!  So tall and beautiful!

2868-11.8.11 026.JPG

Working on backbends with Miss Obie in tumbling

2869-11.8.11 032.JPG

That’s Miss Rachel, our “dance tutor” and tumbling assistant.  We LOVE her!

2870-11.15.11 001.JPG

Graceful Ballerina

2871-11.15.11 002.JPG

Sweet ballerina

2872-11.15.11 004.JPG

Ornery ballerina!  She would strike a pose, blow a kiss to the mirror and say “Hi boys!”