A soccer star is born

Look out Becks, you may have some competition! 

Carter started soccer practice two weeks ago, and she’s been loving it.  She isn’t much for the offense – she doesn’t seem very interested in going after the ball (but I can’t say that I blame her with 7 other pairs of legs trying to kick at the ball, I’d be out, too!).  Goalie is her spot, for sure!  In Saturday’s game, she played goalie all of 1st and 4th quarters and parts of 2nd and 3rd.  The other team scored 7 goals, but she only let one past her!  She’s not afraid to dive after a ball to stop the point!

2784-Soccer 9.17.11 008.JPG

Our soccer standout

2785-Soccer 9.17.11 018.JPG

Goalie.  Look out, other team, you don’t stand a chance!

2786-Soccer 9.17.11 028.JPG

Blocked goal!  Denied! 

2787-Soccer 9.17.11 036.JPG

.. not so interested in the offense part, but she’s cute!

2788-Soccer 9.17.11 059.JPG

Diving to protect her goal

2789-Soccer 9.17.11 063.JPG

Final score: Cobras (Carter’s team): 10, Other Team: 7

2791-Soccer 9.17.11 064a.JPG

THAT’s one goalie I would NOT mess with!!!

Random Acts of Cuteness

So I haven’t been very awesome about keeping the website updated, so here are some random acts of our children being undeniably cute!

2792-9.9.11 010.JPG

Go Hawks!

2793-9.19.11 005.JPG

Like father, like son.  Andy was outside doing some grass upkeep, with Charlie’s “assistance”!

2794-9.19.11 010.JPG

My pal sat at the island with me coloring while I made dinner last night!

2795-9.9.11 006.JPG

Sweetest way to end the night: Smooches between the most adorable siblings you’ll ever see!