Vacation 2011, destination: St. Louis!

Our family vacation was a complete success, despite the stomach flu that both Andy and I had and the extremely hot temperatures St. Louis had.  Nothing keeps us Chalupa’s from an adventure!!!

2672-7.29.11 003.JPG

We kicked things off at the St. Louis Zoo.  It is a gorgeous facility, and we had a great (but HOT!) day!

2673-7.29.11 020.JPG

Charlie liked the fish in the tank so much that he missed the gianormous hippos floating by!

2674-7.29.11 033.JPG

But he did spot the elephants, which made him smile ear to ear!

2675-7.29.11 040.JPG

To cool down, we took a splash in the kid-friendly waterfall.

2676-7.29.11 042.JPG

Soaked Charlie and Soaked Daddy

2677-7.29.11 049.JPG

No surprise here – Carter was beyond excited to check out the butterfly garden!

2678-7.29.11 056.JPG

At the children’s discovery center, they got to run around like crazy people!  But, outside, Charlie had a romantic kissy moment with the frog!

2679-7.29.11 058.JPG

Charlie’s 4-wheeled adventure!

2680-7.29.11 062.JPG

Carter loves animals, ANY animal!  She thought the snake was pretty cool (Parsal-tongue!)

2681-7.29.11 067.JPG

But Charlie was a bit hesitant of the snake.  He did, however, like the guinea pigs.  He was being so sweet and so gentle that, in the two seconds we both took our eyes off him, it surprised everyone when he tried to pick on up and take off with him!

2682-7.29.11 069.JPG

Ahoy, Matey’s!  Ha ha!

2683-7.29.11 085.JPG

Cooling down in the outside fountains.  How BADLY Andy and I wanted the fountain sprays to get Charlie by surprise … no luck!

Splishing and splashing in the fountains!

2684-7.29.11 100.JPG

Carter, Daddy & Charlie on the carousel

2685-7.29.11 102.JPG

Carter and I on the butterly/caterpiller animal on the carousel

2686-7.29.11 108.JPG

Two tired dudes, looking for some cool ice cream …

2687-7.29.11 120.JPG

After the zoo, we met up with our pals, the Anderson’s, and went to the Arch (or the Arc, as Janine said!).  Here’s the Little’s, Carter K, Madi, Carter J and Charlie on a fly-by to put things into perspective.  This thing is HUGE!!!

2688-7.29.11 122.JPG

Carter was terrified that it’d be “too fast” of a tram ride up and that it’d be “too high and scary” when we were at the top.  It took a lot of cajoling to get her up there!

2689-7.29.11 131.JPG

Once up, she had a blast!  She and Andy looked at all of the St. Louis attractions.  Charlie and I looked at Busch Stadium and the tiny cars along the road below.

2690-7.29.11 138.JPG

The gorgeous view of downtown St. Louis

2694-7.31.11 005-1.JPG

Totally altered, but a beautiful shot of a beautiful landmark!

2701-7.31.11 025m.JPG

Us on the Arch!

2691-7.29.11 152.JPG

At St. Louis’s City Museum, quite possibly the most amazing place I’ve ever been!

2692-7.29.11 153.JPG

Horsing around while Daddy’s got tickets.  Charlie!  My kisses do NOT burn!

2693-7.31.11 004.JPG

To kick off our City Museum adventure, we tight-roped across this shallow pond.  Carter was on one side with Andy and I was on the other with Charlie.  He was VERY worried about his Sissy, and wanted her to get to his side ASAP!

2695-7.31.11 013.JPG

We climbed numerous metal steps and tunnels to get to this, kind of like Level One of Weird Neatness.  We checked out the gutted WW2 airplane (behind Carter)

2696-7.31.11 017.JPG

From the plane, we crawled into the mesh-metal tunnel that was four stories from the ground (see the buildings in back?!).  We climbed UP, switched positions of our bodies, and kind of slid down.  We ended up at a three-story aluminum slide, taking us back to the safety of the ground!

2697-7.31.11 018d.JPG

Andy and I hanging out at Toddle Town, which Charlie LOVED!!!

2698-7.31.11 020.JPG

Carter at the skate-less skate park, totally wiping out in the bowl!  (Look in the back, at the little windows …)

2699-7.31.11 021.JPG

Charlie peeked out of the windows, sneaking around with Daddy!

2700-7.31.11 036.JPG

After a few attempts on my part, I finally made it up the skate-less skate ramp bowl with Carter and Madi.  I am epic!

2702-7.31.11 050.JPG

Look at all that weird, cool stuff!  Oh, and the handsome group of whippersnappers!

Playing at the Museum, my favorite part of the trip (and I wasn’t totally sold on going in the first place!  Lesson learned: ALWAYS give it a shot!)

2703-7.31.11 076.JPG

Charlie’s first Cubs game, in St. Louis.  It was a beautiful day for some Cubbies baseball!

2704-7.31.11 082.JPG

Hanging out, having fun!

2705-7.31.11 086.JPG

Charlie, in his Cubs gear, at Busch Stadium

2706-7.31.11 087.JPG

Carter, in her Cubs gear, cheering on our boys in St. Louis

2707-7.31.11 099.JPG

Carter getting the rules of the game from an old pro!

2708-7.31.11 100.JPG

We started strong (1st inning, 5-2), but the 5th inning will forever be known as The End of it All in our home.  When all was said and done, the Cards had scored 8 (EIGHT!!!) runs, we’d been through 2 (TWO!!!) pitchers, and our third base coach was ejected.  It was painful!

2709-7.31.11 106.JPG

The Cubs may have lost (badly, 13-5!), but these two were winning, sealing the deal with a post-game smooch!

Carter meets Dan Wordell

Dan Wordell may be to Carter what Kenny Chesney is to me!  He is the host of IPTV’s Kid’s Channel and is a crazy!  When we watch our favorites, like Dinosaur Train and The Cat in the Hat, Dan Wordell is always doing something crazy in commercials.

So, this morning, when he arrived at the library, of course we went!  Carter had a blast going on his reading adventures!  She participated, and I got to stand up and share an example of her responsible, great character (which causes her to beam from ear to ear!). 

2658-Dan Wordell 7.22.11 002a.JPG

“Turn to your adult and give them a big THANK YOU for coming on our adventure today!”  This dude’s crazy!  Ha!

2657-Dan Wordell 7.22.11 007.JPG

OMG!  It’s DAN WORDELL!!!  4 thumbs up!