“Bear in Underwear”

Hey, it is a great read!   It’s even sweeter when your big Sissy’s reading it to you!


NEITHER ONE of these two look ready for bed!!!

And speaking of bedtime, this was the scene I came home to the other day.  Carter had been writing a list of what she planned to do for her birthday (yes, still a month away!).  She was tired, and was getting upset over not being able to spell something.  Andy tried to help her, but she just escalated, so Andy sent her up to her room for a break to cool down.  She huffed and puffed, and stomped upstairs, and laid under her bed, her “read spot.”  Apparently, her she sacked out, and this is where we found her!  She slept from 5:45pm on Saturday evening clear through until 6:45am Sunday morning!  Talk about catch up!

2565-6.28.11 002.JPG

Sleepy head <3