Happy Memorial Day!

A first for all:

Charlie’s first beach experience
He had a great time at Big Creek!  The water was chilly, but that didn’t stop him (he is my son, after all!).  We splashed and played in the sand with Sissy.

Carter’s first latrine experience
She had to go potty.  I’d finally gotten Charlie wrapped up, calmed down and sitting still enough to eat his picnic lunch, so Andy took her to the beach house, which had “family style” accommodations!

It was a beautiful day and a great time!  Many more to come – Happy Summer!

2445-5.30.11 024.JPG

“Got my toes in the water, toes in the sand!”  Charlie had a blast at the beach!

2446-5.30.11 029.JPG

You’d never have guessed it was cold and that she was chattering teeth by lunch time!  She, too, had a great time!

2447-5.30.11 038.JPG

Charlie pitched in to help Carter build her sand castle

2448-5.30.11 046.JPG

Beach Babe

2449-5.30.11 047.JPG

Summer Hunk

This was our Memorial Day weekend slurge meal: chips, which Charlie just helped himself to!

The next Van Gogh?

They say Charlie loves arts and crafts at daycare.  I, to say the least, was skeptical.  However, I broke out the finger paint.  Charlie jumped right in … and created his masterpiece in about six minutes.  And when boy’s done, he’s done!  He wanted cleaned up, then he was busy-boy on to another adventure!

2450-5.30.11 006.JPG

That’s alotta paint, Crazy Boy!

2451-5.30.11 002.JPG

Messy fingers = beautiful art!