Carter’s 1st baton performance …

… and probably her last, at least for now!

Carter’s has participated in a 6-week community education baton class.  I think she thought she was going to go into class, be awesome and come out of class on day one knowing how to spin and twirl her baton.  Unfortunately, it didn’t go like that.  She put her best efforts into it (almost always!), and she had fun.  That’s what matters most!

2287-2.22.11 015.JPG

Warming up .. and thinking mommy’s nuts for taking more pictures!

Final performance!  Good job, Baby Girl!

The Ankeny Press Citizen’s photography came to capture the action (He said, “Is this my Breakfast with Santa girf?” and smiled!  I think he’s a fan of Carter’s!).  Here’s the link:

(in case the link is uncooperative, here are her pictures from the paper):





… and my favorite: