Science Center Saturday

It’s cold outside.  You can only watch Tinkerbell and the Lost Fairy Rescue soooo many times.  We needed an adventure.  So we headed to the Science Center.

Carter loved her favorites: the sensory wall and the bubbles, and Charlie had a great time in “Toddler Town.”  We were able to catch the “Crazy Chemistry” show and the “ZAP!” show, about electricity.  Carter got to mix baking soda and vinegar, making an “eruption” during the chemistry show.  During “ZAP!,” the teacher brought out one of those electrical bulbs that causes all of your hair to stand on end when you touch it.  Andy was more excited than Carter!  Oddly enough, her feather-soft, exceptionally light hair stuck to her head!  The teacher thought it was because she’s more busy than the electricity is!  Ha ha ha!

2272-2.6.11 001.JPG

She is definitely a work of art, and our prized possession!

2273-2.6.11 006.JPG

He’s not pitching a hit; he’s having the time of his life in Toddler Town

2274-2.6.11 010.JPG

Very impressed over baking soda and vinegar (NERD!)!

2275-2.6.11 017.JPG

Bubbles are STILL very, very cool!

2276-2.6.11 022.JPG

… even Brother loves them!  A LOT!

2277-2.6.11 027.JPG

The sensory wall (always our favorite!).  That’s Charlie’s face and hand imprint on the right (creepy!)

The Fudgy-Bar Incident

You’d have thought we would have known better.

After a great day at school and eating a good dinner, Carter got to have fudgy-bar for dessert.  Charlie was only feet away.  Can you see where this one goes?!!

2268-1.22.2011 011.JPG

Yummmy!  So good!

2269-1.22.2011 012.JPG

Note that she moved closer to Charlie so he could see her eating her treat, then complained when he wanted some!

2270-1.22.2011 013.JPG

So she shared.  What a great sissy!

2271-1.22.2011 014.JPG

Too bad Brother isn’t as good of a sharer!