“Sledding” with the Pals

So … our plan was to get the kids together for a day of sledding at Anderson’s.  It’s winter in Iowa – sledding is a pretty safe bet, right?  WRONG!  Christmas Eve, only 5 days prior, we got 3 – 5 inches of snow; near Jason and Janine’s house, they got 8 – 10 inches.  5 days later, on our yearly winter get-together, all of that snow was gone and it was nearly 50 degrees outside!

So, the crew donned warm gear and jumped on the trampoline and played outside!  They made the most of spending time with each other.  We came inside, made our own pizzas, opened wonderful gifts, and watched a silly movie in slumber-party mode.  Friday morning, we woke up to cruddy weather and everyone headed home too-quickly to beat the freezing rain.  It was a great time, as always, just not what we expected!

2255-12.30.2010 035.JPG

A friend sandwich:  Madi, Carter Kay, and Carter J!

2256-12.30.2010 040.JPG

Our goofball group: Madi, Charlie, Carter Kay, Carter J, Grant and Collin! 
Love you guys!

Burning off those cookies!

My kids have cabin fever!  I think it’s because they’ve gone, gone, gone for days, being home for the holiday with family.  I love it, don’t get me wrong, but we definitely needed an outlet for some extra energy today!  Solution: Playground for Kids.

Carter ran like a crazy-woman, and, of course, she made a new best friend that she loved (but couldn’t tell me her name!).  Charlie and I bounced on the inflatables and played in the Little Tykes house.  Both of the crazies, I mean KIDS, had a great time, as did their mama.

2232-12.25.2010 005.JPG

UP the stairs, DOWN the slide.  UP the rope ladder, DOWN the inflatables.  Repeat.  REPEAT!!!

2253-12.25.2010 008.JPG

An ear infection, pink eye, and the Chalupa tongue can’t keep this guy down!  He loved bouncing with me on the inflatables!

2254-12.25.2010 012.JPG

Me and my complete mess of a son, having fun waiting on sissy to come down the slide