I’m thankful for

These guys!  My two irresistibly wonderful and beautiful children, and my nieces Courtney and Marissa and nephew Owen.  These five little Chalupa’s are amazing!

2179-11.25.2010 030.JPG

Charlie & Owen, playing with the push buggy

2180-11.25.2010 041.JPG

Owen and Charlie, doing manly things

2181-11.25.2010 053.JPG

Hugs, whether you like it or not!

2183-11.25.2010 060.JPG

Courtney, Carter and the Pony Princess

2184-11.25.2010 063.JPG

Marissa and Charlie, tearing up someone else’s creations to make their own … then abandon!

2185-11.25.2010 068.JPG

Now THAT’s a Thanksgiving belly to be proud of!!!

2186-11.25.2010 071.JPG

Carter, Cousin Tristan (from Colorado) and Courtney, now (11/27/2010) …

2189-12.25.05 017.jpg

… and the same three itty bitty’s (Courtney, Tristan and Carter) 5 years ago (Courtney 3 months, Tristan 5 months and Carter 4 months)

2187-11.25.2010 076.JPG

A chairful of CRAZY!

2188-11.25.2010 096.JPG

Owen (11 months), Carter (5), Charlie (13 months), Courtney (5) and Marissa (19 months), the cutest Chalupa babies you’ll ever meet!  Love y’all!

Mission accomplished!

Charlie has been trying to get on the wicker chair in the office forever, and this evening, he was finally victorious!

2177-11.25.2010 008.JPG

Big boy in the big chair

2176-11.25.2010 004.JPG

“This is so cool!”

2178-11.25.2010 017.JPG

” … now … how do I get down …”
Note the Chalupa tongue, indicating concentration