These are a Few of my Favorite Things!

Some wonderful, random, pictures, I couldn’t help but sharing!

2130-10.8.10 005.JPG

Charlie’s daycare picture day (trust me – this picture is WAY BETTER than any they took that day!)

2131-10.8.10 136.JPG

My dudes

2118-10.17.10 004.JPG

The Chalupa Ladies


The two most amazing, and unconditionally adorable, children on the planet


My crazy, nerdy, beautiful, wonderful, perfect family – LOVE YOU’s!

Charlie’s first major act of destruction

In our bathroom, our tub has a faucet that swivels.  It swivels 360 degrees, a design flaw, if you ask me.

Charlie enjoys playing in the water.  He turns on the water and puts both hands in it, giggling and having fun.

So, Sunday, Charlie turned on the water, played in it for a bit, turned the faucet outside of the tub and then crawled away.  This flooded the bathroom and seaped through to the kitchen below.  Uncool. 

 2127-10.17.10 057.JPG

One of the (three!) kitchen can lights, dripping water

2129-10.17.10 058.JPG

Dripping all over the fridge and onto the floor

2128-10.17.2010a 003.JPG

Daddy, with his assistant, taking a hair dryer and fan to the bathroom upstairs to prevent the flooding downstairs!  THANKS, Charlie!