Center Grove Orchard: It’s fall!

I love fall: the colors, the weather, and Center Grove orchard! 

2072-9.26.10 031.JPG


2073-9.26.10 033.JPG

Charlie’s not really sure of the Corn Pool …

2074-9.26.10 036.JPG

… and took awhile to warm up to the idea of playing in corn …

2075-9.26.10 042.JPG

Airborne Carter!

2076-9.26.10 048.JPG

Maybe, maybe, I like it, Mom!

2077-9.26.10 050.JPG


2078-9.26.10 054.JPG

Carter and Daddy raced to the other end of the corn pool, and back.  On the way back, Daddy raced backwards … and nearly squashed Carter as they toppled over!

2079-9.26.10 064.JPG

“This isn’t so bad … I kinda like corn …”

2080-9.26.10 063.JPG

“I LIKE TO EAT IT!”  I dug, probably, over a dozen kernels out of this boy’s mouth!

2081-9.26.10 068.JPG

Pedal tractor time

2082-9.26.10 072.JPG

Trying to race away from me

2083-9.26.10 085.JPG

Carter and Charlie, Kissin’ Piggies

2084-9.26.10 093.JPG

Hanging out, having fun

2086-9.26.10 099.JPG

It was the perfect afternoon (minus the fit Carter just got done throwing!)

2085-9.26.10 103.JPG

Daddy & Mommy at the Orchard


So, I’ve meant to do this ongoing and consistently, but I lack focus!


Little Bear, November 2009 (2 weeks old)

1448-1.17.10 012.JPG

Bear, January 2010 (3 months old)

2071-9.26.10 026.JPG

“Little” Bear, 10 months old (late August 2010)

From laying all curled and tiny to running from his bear, that he’s now as big as, Charlie (Little Bear) is getting so big!