Random: August 2010

There’s really no rhyme or reason to these photos.  They’re from August 2010 (Charlie’s almost 10 months old, and Carter’s about to turn 5), but they’re too cute to not share!

2034-8.21.2010 103.JPG

You know, when you’re into everything, you’re so busy you can’t stand it, and you’re all about hugging and loving Daddy, Mommy and Sissy, it’s easy to just fall asleep while eating your greeny beanies!

2035-8.21.2010 116.JPG

Destro-Baby, atop the couch, ready to test his “wings” …


Carter’s boyfriendS … yes, plural!  Ryker (left) and Kyzer (right), the neighbor boys that Carter adores!


Daddy’s Saturday task was to replace the faucet.  Apparently Charlie thought that he was copied in on that memo, and he “helped.”


“Shhh!  Don’t tell Daddy!” Carter prepares to attack at the pool …


Carter attacks … or maybe it’s Daddy that attacks!


Carter, Charlie and I headed to the park, ducky-bread in hand, and spent the morning playing and relaxing!

2016-8.28.2010 051.JPG

So … “ducky bread” may now be “Charlie bread”!

2017-8.28.2010 055.JPG

Quick, Carter!  Get the bread while you still can!

2018-8.28.2010 057.JPG

Feeding the duckies

2019-8.28.2010 058.JPG


2020-8.28.2010 060.JPG

Charlie’s going to be a climber, too

2021-8.28.2010 062.JPG

So all he can really do is pound his foot on the bridge, but her REALLY enjoys that!

2022-8.28.2010 068.JPG

But nothing beats the swing!