“Homaha Zoo” 2010

Best zoo ever!  I love the “Homaha” Zoo in Omaha, and this year, we went with our pals, the Anderson’s and Bumsted’s.  It wasn’t perfect – we got lost (or took the scenic route, or whatever!) and had to backtrack to our hotel, we didn’t get our adjoining rooms, one room wouldn’t go to bed, one room got up waaaay too early, Carter’s a zoo super-speeder, Collin’s a zoo slow-poke observer (so we had the speediest and slowest kids in the zoo, and were always yelling at someone to get back to the group), and GOD was it hot!  But it was fun!  I’d do it all again, in it’s lack of glory and all, cause I love the zoo and I love our pals!

1943-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 067.JPG

At the hotel, Charlie and Nora (11 months) tried to devise a plan to break into the fridge.  They only succeeded in being adorable!

1944-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 073.JPG

Carter loved the pool.  Go figure!

1945-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 094.JPG

Where’s Charlie???

1946-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 095.JPG

PEEK a BOO!!! 

1947-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 114.JPG

That’s our crew (minus Madi), ready to run the zoo:
Nora Bumsted (11 months), Carter Kay (nearly 5), Collin & Grant Bumsted (4 1/2 years), Carter Anderson (5) and Charlie (9 months)

1948-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 129.JPG

Whether it be Des Moines or Homaha, Carter loves the fish!

1949-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 150.JPG

Seriously, Charlie made it, like 10 minutes, then he was out!  MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE SLEPT IN, Round Man!

1950-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 165.JPG

I kept telling the kids if they’d HOLD STILL, the butterflies might land on them.  YEAH RIGHT!  Total waste of my breath to try and get these four to hold still!  This is as close as any of them got!

1951-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 172.JPG

Butterfly Garden

1952-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 187.JPG

Carter, Cactus, Carter

1953-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 191.JPG

This is our traditional family picture spot.  Minus an Andy.  Added a Charlie.

1954-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 197.JPG

Gorilla hand.  Carter Kay hand.

1955-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 210.JPG

My monkey, riding the monkey

1956-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 211.JPG

The new face of starvation!

1957-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 238.JPG

Carter is so intrigued by the various monkey skeletons.  She loved them last year, too!

1958-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 247.JPG

Riding the carousel

1959-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 249.JPG

Charlie’s first carousel ride, which he LOVED!

1960-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 283.JPG


1961-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 284.JPG

“I’m fixin’ to EAT mama!”  Love this guy!

1962-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 291.JPG

Collin, Grant, Carter J and Carter Kay at the zoo

1964-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 289.JPG

Carter Kay and mama at that zoo

1963-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 297.JPG

That’s all she wrote for Collin, Nora, Grant, Charlie, Carter Kay and Carter J!

1965-Homama Zoo 7.29.10 300.JPG

Charlie hooted, and Carter immediately gave him a lovey-hug.  They were both hot, tired, sleepy and she was a bit hungry.  I think she needed the love just as much as he did!