We be swinging!

Newest, greatest thing ever: swinging in the back yard! 

Carter swings on her swing, goofing and trying to reach the sky.  And Charlie swings in his baby-swing, smiling and enjoying it all.

1834-6.29.2010 044.JPG

TOES to the SKY!
(LOVE that beautiful smile!)

1833-6.29.2010 039.JPG

HAPPY as can BE
(LOVE that smile, too!)

1835-6.29.2010 038.JPG

… and Daddy gets to play, too!

Picnic and the Pool

This afternoon, Carter, Charlie and I picked out a picnic lunch (courtesy of Palmer’s, of course!), and headed outside.

We lunched on salad (for me), and PBJ and Cheeto’s (for Carter) and crackers and milk (for Charlie).  It was beautifully blue and warm, breeze today.  The perfect day to picnic!

Then we headed to the pool.  Being only 77 degrees outside, most people must have been doing other fun summery things because the pool was peaceful and perfect!  Carter got to have a little freedom and didn’t have to stick right with me – she played with a neighborhood pal who was also there.  Charlie and I were able to splash in the shallow walk-in part and keep a watchful eye on her.  It was a great afternoon – and now both kiddos are asleep! 

1824-6.28.10 033.JPG


1825-6.28.10 036.JPG

Buzz Lightyear and my little Pink Flamingo, drying off