Week 32 happenings …

At 7 1/2 months, Charlie continues to be exploring his world.  He’s getting up on his hands and knees, but can’t get anywhere yet (thankfully!).  He’s sitting up, unsupported, like a champ!  Anything and everything he can get ahold of, which is just about everything!!!, ends up in his mouth.  His favorite’s include his spoon, my hair, Carter’s hair, anyone’s finger … So far, he hasn’t cut any teeth, but he’s been through stages similar to what Carter went through at this point.  But nothing yet.  He continues to be the most laid back, chilled out little dude around.  His best quality: that smile that goes on for miles, and his snuggle!  Boy melts my heart!

1767-5.29.2010 001.JPG

Hey Mister!

1768-5.29.2010 010.JPG

He’s UP!  Charlie’s figured out how to get up on his hands and knees.  He doesn’t really go anywhere, which just seems to annoy him!  He rocks front to back, but so far (thankfully?!) he hasn’t taken off yet!

1769-5.29.2010 040.JPG

Lovin’ the bath!

1770-5.29.2010 046.JPG

Hanging out with Daddy in the garage, doing manly things!

It’s OFFICIALLY summes

YES, we’re still in school, but the summer season is upon us: the pool’s inflated and has been filled!  Thanks to Grandma and Poppy for one awesome pool!  It’s big enough for Carter to splash in, play in, and have a grand ol’ time, but it’s not so big Charlie can’t participate too (that that he loved being submerged at first!). 

1757-5.29.2010 021.JPG

Initially, Carter wasn’t having anything to do with the slide: “It’s scary.”  But I convinced her to give it a shot, reminding her to not make up her mind until she’s tried something.  Of course, she loved it!  It was slide, splash, wet butt, giggles, get out and repeat … again and again and again!!!

1756-5.29.2010 015.JPG

S P L A S H I N G !

1758-5.29.2010 026.JPG

Charlie loves bath time.  He’s a splasher, just like Sissy.  So we figured the pool would be right up his alley.  I think the POOL was; the not-exactly-warm water, not so much!  He hated it at first (obviously) …

1759-5.29.2010 028.JPG

… but Sissy came to his aid to calm him down, then he loved it.  You can say a lot about Miss Sassafras, but she’s always a great big sister!

1760-5.29.2010 038.JPG

Our neighbor-pal Cammie came to play, too.  They wanted to “water the flowers,” which I guess is 4-year old speak for make a muddy mess of themselves!  Oh well … they wash!