Week 22 happenings …

In a word: HANDS!  Charlie has discovered his hand.  He can use them to play, to grab things, to take things, to use as a chew toy, and to use as instruments!  In the last couple days, this has also moved to his toes.  He rolls his little chubby feet in circles!  It’s adorable! 

1625-3.27.10 061.JPG

Charlie is a tummy sleeper who despises sleep.  So we have to “trick” him into sleeping, by putting him in the swing or bouncer.  He will fall asleep in both, but he’s bound and determined to roll onto his tummy!

1626-3.27.10 063.JPG

LOVIN’ bath time and splashing!

1627-3.27.10 070.JPG

He so badly wants to get moving!  When being held, he will flex his legs, and he can stand (being held, of course) and hold his own weight (which is a lot!).

1628-3.27.10 076.JPG

Carter was “hiding” because she didn’t want to get sucked up by the vacuum!  What an imagination!

1629-3.27.10 080.JPG

Banana = delicious!

1633-3.27.10 091.JPG

Carrots = even better!

1631-3.27.10 085.JPG

While I was talking to Carter, quick, sneaky little Charlie grabbed my banana spoon …

1632-3.27.10 088.JPG

… and attempted to feed himself.  He knew the spoon came to his mouth, but he couldn’t get it there.  He got his fist instead, which he enjoyed, and dropped the spoon.

1630-3.27.10 081.JPG

Guess who got an adorable spring haircut?!  What a doll!

1634-3.27.10 095.JPG

THIS is why lunch takes an hour!  Carter talks to Charlie, Charlie “talks” to Carter.  These two are bonded, that’s for sure!

1635-3.28.10 004.JPG

Carter and Charlie were helping me with laundry.  I put Charlie on Carter’s bed, and she came to play with him.  She had this purple shoelace, and she’d give it to Charlie.  He would grab it and pull it away from her.  She’d laugh and get it back, which made him giggle.  They traded back and forth for quite some time!

1636-3.28.10 017.JPG

Two of the sweetest, orneriest, goofiest and most lovable kids you’ll ever meet!

Giggle boxes!!