The Responsibility Chart pays off!

Carter has done a wonderful job with her chores and responsibilities!  Her chores include setting the table and clearing her things, and getting ready for bed.  She’s also responsible for not whining.  We wanted her to be successful, so we started small (she’s already wanting to throw in more chores!).  We also wanted her to see that hard work pays off. 

And today, it did!  As a reward for a great week, she choose to go ice skating.  So we hit the rink.  She more runs on skates than really skates, but she had a great time! 

1545-2.28.10 021.JPG 

Trying to lace up her skates

1546-2.28.10 024.JPG

She had the form down, but the ice was tricky for her to handle on her own

1547-2.28.10 025.JPG

Using the wall helped significantly!!

1548-2.28.10 027.JPG

After awhile, she got brave and would skate/run on her own …

1549-2.28.10 028.JPG

… until she bit it, then she wouldn’t let go of my hand.  She kept saying, “Ohhh!  My butt hurts!”

1550-2.28.10 029.JPG

Olympic Gold in 2018???

1551-2.28.10 030.JPG

We had a great afternoon.  Way to go with your responsibilities and chores, Baby!!

Week 19 happenings …

Week 19 has brought Charlie closer to mobility (yikes!)!  He is able to roll from his back to his tummy, and now (when he chooses to) his tummy to back.  When he’s on his tummy, he pushed himself way up on his forearms, to what looks like a pre-crawl position (it’s not, but he means business!).  He’s getting better with the cereal.  We’ve had to tweak our ratio of cereal to formula to bananas: one baby spoon of cereal, three baby spoons of milk and one baby spoon of bananas, heated to warm.  Then he’ll gum it down, but not always happily!  He’s learned to manipulate his tongue, and it’s very sweet (but I think he knows it’s sweet, and he won’t let me “catch” him doing it yet!).  It makes him smile!  And his giggles are becoming more routine.  We think he’ll have the same belly laugh Carter had/has. 

1523-2.27.10 001.JPG

Carter’s “baby” Oliver

1524-2.27.10 004.JPG

“What’s up, Ladies?”

1525-2.27.10 016.JPG

Saturday we visited Grandma and Grandpa Chalupa, and hung out with Uncle Brian, Aunt Anna and the girls (Courtney is 4 1/2 and Marissa is 10 months).  Charlie and Marissa are having a baby race!

1526-2.27.10 022.JPG

Carter and Courtney were having a dance party in the kitchen.  It’s their Party in the USA!

1527-2.27.10 023.JPG

Every girl needs a booty dance!

1528-2.27.10 031.JPG

Sweetest Chalupa babies ever (minus one sweet little Owen :(  We’ll round ’em all up soon!)!

1529-2.27.10 049.JPG

Bestest cousins ever

1530-2.27.10 060.JPG

The girls didn’t go to sleep until about 11pm Saturday night and were up bright at early at 6:30am Sunday morning.  This is their table-fort.  They filled it with all the necessities:  blankies, toys, Courtney’s coat, the Cooties …

1531-2.27.10 066.JPG

… then they needed a bath!  Crazy brains!!!

1532-2.27.10 068.JPG

Charlie hung out with Daddy.  Wait for it …

1533-2.27.10 070.JPG

… there’s the million-dollar smile!

1534-2.27.10 072.JPG

Note “Charlie’s” shirt: it says ANDY.  This was Daddy’s shirt, nearly 30 years ago!  Awwwwwww!

1535-2.27.10 076.JPG

And this was Daddy’s sweater.  I bet Daddy’s was just as adorable as Charlie! 
That tongue thing is almost noticeable in this photo!

1536-2.28.10 013.JPG