Punpkin Bumps

Two things we Chalupa’s are definitely ready for:
1.  Halloween – we love it!
2.  Our little “bump” to arrive.

But, before his arrival, we thought we’d incorporate our two exciting expectations together!!

1099-9.28.09 (34 wks) PumpkinBumps.jpg

PUNKIN BUMPS!   Yep, that’s you, Charlie! 

Planting Mums

This afternoon, Carter and I dug up our weed garden and planted some “beautiful” fall-colored mums.  She was a great help, until she scratched her finger on the sidewalk.  Then she became completely annoying, saying, “I need a Band-Aid!” about every 14 seconds! 

1087-9.27.09 030.jpg

Digging holes …

1088-9.27.09 034.jpg

… and “placing” flowers in their “homes”

1089-9.27.09 036.jpg

While we did our fall gardening, Daddy mowed the lawn.  Carter couldn’t resist a ride on Daddy’s “little tractor.”