Iowa All-Stars

In March, one of our 8th graders was gone for a week of school while he went to Florida to cheer competition with his family’s studio.  He talked on and on about how great it was, and how much fun he had, and how much Carter would love it.  I emailed his mom at the studio, just to inquire about summer classes, but never heard back.

Amy emailed me back last week (they’d had some computer issues), and invited us in to check out a cheer class for free.  So after a long day of daycare/preschool and school, following dance and Triad, we headed to Iowa All-Stars cheer studio to check out the situation.

Carter fell in love with the studio!  She had a blast from start to finish!  The instructors helped her get into things, and she latched on to them and did great!  Mid-way through her class, I spoke with Amy.  Tonight’s cheer practice lasted an hour, and there would also be a tumbling class she’d be required to take, Sunday’s from 1 – 2.  The group she would be in, the Fuse, particpates in six competitions through the year, mostly close to home with one in Omaha.  They have little cheer outfits, cheer shoes and cheer bags.  They learn sportsmanship, teamwork, cheer and tumbling techniques.  And they have a blast – and they were pretty stinkin’ cute!

Carter had a great time, but it’s a big time commitment.  We talked at home, and ultimately decided that Triad was our way to go, at least for another year.  At the end of the this dance season (next summer), we’re going to re-evaluate where we are, and at that point, maybe make some choices about what she’d like to continue and what she might have to drop. 

Iowa All-Stars does rule, and Carter had the best time.  Unfortunately, we just don’t have enough time to do this, too.  Maybe next year 🙂

Carter’s first day of preschool

Tears of sadness.  Tears of excitement.

Today, Carter began her years of education (like her first four years haven’t included plenty of that!!).  She moved to the 4-year old room at daycare, and started their “Creative Children” pre-school curriculum.

She was pretty excited about the new move.  There were new books to read, new centers to explore, and old pals to play with.  Her teacher also has a disco ball that she turns on during nap time (meaning Carter doesn’t nap, Carter goes to bed earlier, everyone wins!!).  And there’s a fish.  Does it get any better?!

We were pretty excited, too.  But it’s so hard watching your little punky grow up every day.  She’s more than ready for preschool, but that didn’t make the day any easier.  I started school at JMS, Carter started preschool, and Andy started his final week at Principal.  It was kind of an overwhelming day for me.  And it was sappy-music Monday on the radio (my drive to work was kicked off by “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing,” our song), and I spent most of the drive in all teary.  What a mess!

1056-8.30.09 016.jpg

Off to (pre)school we go!