Strike a pose!

Carter got to do dance camps this summer: cartwheel camp two weeks ago, and hip hop camp tonight (not to push the skills of her being a dancer, but to keep Miss Evie and Encore fresh in her mind, so she could continue in the fall successfully). 
She got to “get funky” like the big girls.  They watched clips from the recital video, and they worked on hip hop moves.  At the end of the class, they had a Pose Off.  The two class assistants (including Miss Kalie, who Carter adores!) did their poses, and the little girls voted on who was the best.  The winner stayed to face off against another poser; the loser sat down.  I thought it would be disastrous, so I didn’t go too far from the door.  But at Carter’s face-off turn, she struck her pose with attitude, and sat gracefully when she didn’t win.

Maybe there’s hope yet!

949-7.30.09 056.jpg

Strike a pose, girl!!!

Happy 30th, 2!

Today ends a century (sort of).  It’s a dark, dark day.

“Andy 2” turns 30 Thursday.  We had dinner this evening – who knew I really was capable of cooking?!?  We also enjoyed cake and catching up. 

947-7.30.09 053.jpg

Andy’s so old, it took 3 of them to light all of the candles!  Andy, Andy and Rory take to the copious task of lighting … and lighting … and lighting!

948-7.30.09 055.jpg

Happy birthday, 2!  Hope you’re not farting dust just yet!
(It’s funny, cause you’ll always  be older than me!  Love ya!)