A very busy Saturday ….

Phew!  What a day!

First, we met our friend Angie and her mom Marla at Von Maur’s to try on flower girl dresses for Carter.  Angie knew what she wanted, and Carter looked beautiful in it!  Good choices, ladies!

666-6.1.09 005.jpg

Our beautiful little flower girl, excited to dress up and participate in Angie’s wedding!

We ran to Babies ‘R Us to check out baby bedding, and picked up our
first BOY purchase – it’s a whole ‘nother blue-colored world!  We
grabbed lunch, rested for a bit, then we were off again.

667-6.1.09 006.jpg

Awww!  Itty bitty blue boy stuff!  Loving it!!!

time, back to an Angie event: her bridal shower.  Since I couldn’t find
a sitter (Andy was at the Principal Charity Classic and everyone else
was busy), Carter came with me.  It was like it was all about her day! 
Angie, a Carter-fanatic, let her help with gifts and kindly shared her
spotlight (only to egg on Carter!).  She had a great time, and we loved
the shower.

After the shower, we attempted a graduation party
for a former 8th grader who’s graduating this year (holy cow!  I’ve
been doing this long enough to have graduating kids?!), but I can’t
read a calendar and had my dates screwed up.  But, ultimately, it
worked out, because Carter and I had time to hang out at the pool for
the afternoon.

And we both slept very well!

A Friday with Friends

Our friends Richard and Lauren and their daughter Olivia (who is slightly older than Carter) drove from Texas to Iowa for a family weeding this weekend.  On their adventure, they stopped long enough to hang out, catch up and relax!  Carter adores Olivia (despite the fact that they’re both strong-minded only children who are used to ruling the roost!), and she had a great time running and playing with her.  Zach, Stephanie, Isaac and Ian were also there.  There was plenty of baby talk and girl catching up, and Carter, as always!, continues to adore Isaac! 

It was a great evening!  Thanks Lauren and folks for having us over.  Sorry you had to drive so far, but thanks for doing it!  We miss y’all!

663-6.1.09 001.jpg

Andy 2’s niece, Andie Kay.  Isn’t she a chubby little angle?!

665-6.1.09 003.jpg

Olivia and Carter bang away at Olivia’s grandmother’s beautiful old piano

664-6.1.09 002.jpg

Our “little babies:” Carter, Olivia, Ian & Isaac