Twilight, a hugely popular teen book about Bella and Edward, star crossed lovers from two very different back grounds, is now one of my favorite books.  I dish about parts with the kids at school, and I discuss real life parallels and deeper meanings with friends.  I love it!  However, this article that graced the Des Moines Register may prove the Twilight fever has hit just a little too hard at home:

Teen allegedly bites 11 students; father blames ‘Twilight’ movie


March 27, 2009

A Brody Middle School student may be taking the hit movie and book “Twilight” too seriously.

13-year-old boy at the Des Moines school was referred to juvenile
corrections after allegedly biting 11 students between Feb. 10 and
March 13, a Des Moines police report said.

According to the
report, the boy bit a 13-year-old female student on the right hand at a
track meet on March 13. Brody Vice Principal Connie Sloan investigated
the incident and found that the boy had bitten 10 other students.

When police contacted the boy’s father, he said that his son didn’t
mean to hurt anyone and that he was biting other students because of
the movie “Twilight.”

The film “Twilight” is based on a series
of novels by Stephenie Meyer about a teenage girl’s love affair with a
vampire. The film, popular with tweens and teens, has grossed more than
$191 million in box office receipts in the United States since its
November release.

The boy was given a delayed referral to juvenile court on an assault charge.

1.  Really?  REALLY?!!  The book is about a teenage girl falling in love with a vampire, and this 13 year old kid acted on it?  That’s Poor Parenting 101

2.  It took 11 bites to land him in Juvy?  Wouldn’t bites one, maybe two be enough?  No one thought to mention that this isn’t okay or acceptable behavior?  Crazy ….

3.  If I were to get bitten by anyone resembling Edward Cullen, I would not be so bent out of shape about it!