Sick little Sassafrass

Carter’s got a croupy-cough this weekend, and she’s been fighting it – and us! – since Friday afternoon. 

She’s 3 now, so she no longer needs naps, or so she thinks.  And heaven forbid we miss anything, so she has to get up at 7am daily.  And, in hopes of not missing anything, she’s not really fond of going to bed either.

Pair this with coughing through the night and just not feeling well in general, and you have a Carter-Beast!

499-2.22.09 002.jpg

The snuggle-moments are few and far between at 3, so you’ve got to get ’em while you can!

498-2.22.09 001.jpg

“And when she was good, she was very, very good …”

“…but when she was bad she was horrid.”  And this all began over the simple task of “Let’s go brush your hair!”