Let’s Go Chops, LET’s GO!

This evening, we took Carter to her first hockey game.  The Iowa Chops played the Peoria Riverbandits, and Carter had a really great time!  She enjoyed watching, for the most part, and got the added bonus of sitting a row behind a pal from day care!

The Chops lost, but we had a great time anyway!  Needs more cowbell …

449-1.29.08 013.jpg

Bring on the CHOPS!

447-1.29.08 011.jpg

Carter and I waiting for the second 20 minutes to get underway

450-1.29.08 014.jpg

Here we go! 

446-1.29.08 008.jpg

One of many fights.  This was when the crowd, and Carter, was most interested!  That got her cowbell ringing!

448-1.29.08 012.jpg

Andy, Carter and I waiting on sudden death

451-1.29.08 024.jpg

Braden and Carter, daycare pals (Braden loves Carter!  He offers her part of, or sometimes ALL if she wants, of his breakfast when they’re there together!  And he hugs her goodbye almost every day.  So cute!)