Happy New Year’s Eve!

New’s Year 2008 was all about Carter Kay (isn’t it always?!).  We headed downtown to ImaginEve at Hy-Vee hall …

395-12.31.08 005.jpg

There were fun inflatable everywhere!

396-12.31.08 010.jpg

Pretty big climb for such a little girl!

397-12.31.08 013.jpg

But she was up for the climb .. and the fun slide down!

399-12.31.08 017.jpg

WEEE!  What a silly laugh!

398-12.31.08 015.jpg

Having fun with Daddy!

400-12.31.08 022.jpg


401-12.31.08 027.jpg

How’s Daddy supposed to navigate the ice with no eyes?!?

402-12.31.08 028.jpg

Mastering dot to dot with Mommy while waiting on Mac and Cheese at Okoboji Grill.  What a super night!  Later 2008!  Bring on ’09!

Here we go a-Wasserbahn’ing …

Yes, it’s supposed to be “a-wassailing,” but it makes me think of the Wasserbahn, the site of our friends-adventure!

Carter and I met up with Kelsey, Grant and Collin Bumsted at the Wasserbahn (hotel and water park near Amana), just for fun.  The kids jumped and ran, then we swam and played, munched on pizza, played games, got to be silly, and fell asleep watching Cars.  Tuesday brought are chaotic breakfast (3 vs. 2 is NOT fair!) and a bit more swimming. 

We had a blast!  Thanks for meeting up with us, Bumsted’s!  It’s always a great, but too-short and long overdue, time!  Love you guys!!!

380-12.25.08 040.jpg

Carter and I had lunch at the Maid Rite (YEAH!).  Full tummies mean we can swim longer!

381-12.25.08 045.jpg

Staking her claim before the boys arrived! 

382-12.25.08 048.jpg

Let the jumping begin!  It was worth the money just to see them jump and giggle!

383-12.25.08 052.jpg

Grant, Carter and Collin donned suits and we ready to swim!

384-12.25.08 055.jpg

Swimming pals!  Me and Carter Kay

394-12.25.08 103.jpg

Sitting on the fountain …

393-12.25.08 103 (1).jpg

… and getting up … with a huge wedgie!  What a dork!

385-12.25.08 058.jpg

It’s a fun day – of COURSE we had pizza, cheeto’s and juice!

386-12.25.08 066.jpg

After dinner, we hit the game room.

387-12.25.08 076.jpg

I hit JACKPOT on one of the games, winning us 364 tickets.  We bought a toy for each kiddo, some SpongeBob stickers (of course it was Spongie!) and a sucker each!

388-12.25.08 082.jpg

To wind down, we snuggled (or tried!) and watched Cars.  I’m winning over Collin (Carter’s in there somewhere, too!).  He’s my pal!

391-12.25.08 120.jpg   390-12.25.08 119.jpg 

Getting ready to head home Tuesday, we had a few more crazies to get out of our systems!

392-12.25.08 121.jpg

Carter and the Boys (Grant and Collin) – LOVE these GUYS!

Wasserbahn Fun!!!