Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Today was our first real snow.  Now, I admit: I love the snow and I’m the one who’s been asking for it for weeks!  But the cold?  I did not request that!!!

301-11.27.08 034.jpg

We bundled up to brave the cold and make snow balls, snow angels and just to run!

302-11.27.08 037.jpg

Her aim sucks, but Carter’s got the idea of snow balls down!

303-11.27.08 038.jpg

And, if the snow balls don’t work, just dump snow on Mommy and Daddy!

304-11.27.08 043.jpg

3 very chilly Chalupa’s!

Baby cookies

Principal has this tradition (or maybe it’s the geeks in Andy’s department!).  Whenever someone is expecting, they bake chocolate chip cookies and bring them to work.  An email is sent inviting everyone over for a cookie, and nothing needs to be said.  That IS the announcement.

So, Carter and Andy made “baby cookies” today for Monday.  The new is out!

299-11.27.08 030.jpg

“Just like this,” Daddy shows Carter just what to do

300-11.27.08 031.jpg

Cooking Chalupa’s!