New parks are awesome!

Hawkeye Park, Ankeny’s main park, has always been beautiful.  It’s older, so it has lush, lofty trees, and there’s a big pond with duckies.  It’s just so peaceful.  Until now – they’ve added a new playground thing.  I use “thing” because it’s not like the other playgrounds we have.  The “safety” under the structure: bouncy, Triad-like flooring.  It was pretty trendy, and Carter loved it!  It was a fun change of park-pace!

104-8.31.08 002.jpg


105-8.31.08 006.jpg

She’s all smiles at the park!  She was also much better at these wobbley steps than I was!

106-8.31.08 012.jpg

Peek – A – Boo!

107-8.31.08 033.jpg

She knows how to work me.  Proof: “I’m really having so much fun with you, Mommy!”  Super – let’s never leave the park!

Being a cheeser!!!

Finally, Carter meets Andie

This evening, Andy and Rory invited us to go with them to dinner with his mom and step-dad, Kris and Marion, and his sister Cady and her new “little” baby, Andie.  Andie was born early in the summer (May, I think), and I was bummed I hadn’t gotten to meet her yet.  Andy will share stories about his wild little sister, Cady, and I imagined her being a mom (oh some of the wild visions I had!!).  But at dinner, she was amazing!  It was like Crazy Cady suddenly grew up into Super Mom!  I didn’t get a chance to tell her, but she’s obviously doing a stellar job in her new role as mommy.  Andie is beautiful!  She smells so baby-sweet, and she has those adorable baby sausage-link arms and legs.  She’s precious, and you can tell she’s definately the apple of her family’s eye!  Marion is over the moon with the kid, and, as Andy says, “Kris bogarts the baby.”  Like good grandparents do!

Carter liked Andie, too.  She was sort of confused about who we were going to see.  She knows Daddy’s real name is Andy, but she never refers to him as Andy.  She knows Andy is Andy 2, but she didn’t really seem to understand that the baby could be an Andie, also.  She just referred to her as “Her” or “Hers.”  She liked tickling Baby Andie’s toes and smiling at her.  One day, our little Carter Kay will make a wonderful big sister (no – don’t mistake that for code!)!

108-9.1.08 002.jpg 

Andy loved the baby almost as much as Carter!  She’s big sister material, for sure (no, it’s not code, so don’t even ask!)!  And Andie – what a cutie!  A baby-chub, sweet-and-smelly-good sweetheart!  Mama Cady should be proud!