Happy 15 pounds and birthday!!!

This evening, Rory and I attended our weekly Weight Watchers meeting.  This is my 8th week and Rory’s 10th (I think).  Our trend so far has been if I have a great week, Rory doesn’t.  If Rory has a great week, my sucked.  So my goal was for both of us to have a rockin’ week, and we did!  Officially, Rory is down 17.something pounds (and looks good!!!), and I’m down 15.2 pounds!  Woo hoo!

So, per every Thursday, we went to dinner after the meeting.  Since yesterday was Andy’s birthday (HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY, 2!!!), we let him pick our destination.  He choose Bench Warmers, an established bar-like restaurant in Ankeny.  I’m pretty sure that goes against all Weight Watchers logic, but those cheeseballs and mushrooms were heaven, and I’m not remorseful!!!  We did a great job of balancing them with (the biggest!) taco salads, so that counts for something, right?!

Afterwards, Andy and Rory shared their American Idol Karaoke skills with us.  WE NEED THIS GAME!  How fun!  The microphone connects to the Wii, and you sing along to some of the best songs (Copacabana and Black Velvet and You’re Beautiful were some of our “highlights”).  Even Andy Chalupa participated with “Sweet Emotion!”  Simon, Paula and Randy critiqued him and called him “good.”  That’s a matter of opinion ;)  But, kudos to Andy, Duane, Linda and everyone who tried their vocal ranges!

i-25a14ffd8795cda753360d7ffa0d9f0c-7.31.08 002.jpg

Carter’s stellar dinner at The Bench: Grandpa’s Shirley Temple (Sprite and cherry syrup), popcorn, cheeseballs and cheese pizza.  Yummy!

i-66f8e3dd592f9237ecb859b83597dd94-7.31.08 003.jpg

DJ A-Dawg sings Black Velvet!  Get down with your bad self!

i-ca1c792a3547f5358510b5cc37665944-7.31.08 004.jpg 

I rocked out to You’re Beautiful, with some help from Carter!  Woo Hoo!

That is disgusting!

Yuck!  That’s about all I have to say … YUCK!

i-6c8a193678fd23a55f59f278864bbad5-7.31.08 001.jpg 

Strawberry yogurt = yummy!  Cheeseburger macaroni = great!  But both, mixed together in a rough, harsh  manner = totally disgusting!  But, I guess in the end she ate it!  And, like my mom always told me: “It all goes to the same place anyway!”