“Well … I guess I’d better be hitting the old dusty trail …”

We’re taking a break from Chalupas.net to spend some quality time at home with our family and to attend a wedding (Andy’s a groomsman and I get to announce the wedding party – the groom thinks I’m “loud” and “outgoing.”  That’s a compliment, right?!!).  We’ve got days full of family fun, Fun City Water park, shopping, farm adventures, and wedding excitement.  And our final tap performance Monday evening!  All good things will be posted when we return next week.  

But, to tide you over, here are some Cheeser Carter photos.  Enjoy!

i-86af7b420219b45571e5f45a6189a28b-6.27.08 007.jpg  i-bc4a704a44c9bd3909f1c355902cc492-6.27.08 009.jpg

                 Supressing silly                                             EXCITED!

i-a98c132865088727d1a6a19adcfb53b4-6.27.08 010.jpg  i-6c70bf3f0eab37c7a9ea333422503e96-6.27.08 011.jpg

                  Surprised!                                              Pirate???

i-a964161b8e8eb9ecaff139d466049f0f-6.27.08 014.jpg 

Just plain cute!
Have a great week!

Troll-y Birds

So we have a Pooh Treasury book that is kind of a knock off of other tales.  She lugs this book everywhere!  Her newest favorite is the Troll-y Birds, which is a variation of the story about the trolls under the bridge.  Piglet and Pooh are afraid to cross to get haycorns and honey, so Christopher Robin devises a plan.  Each takes a turn crossing the bridge, overcomes their fears of the troll-y birds and they make it to the other side.  All is good.

She knows this by heart.  See for yourself! 


They’re coming to gobble you up!