Swimming … well … sort of …

After a warm day out on the golf course, playing and watching the pro’s, I thought I’d be a good Mama and fill the pool.  I figured after a long nap, it’d be warm enough.  It wasn’t, so I made trip after trip from the sink to the pool with hot water.  It still must not have been warm enough; Carter wouldn’t get in any deeper than her little ankles.  And, even when she did get in, she’d get right back out and dry herself off!

i-19d9cbd751ab7289bd000f61bc9ff242-6.1.08 030.jpg

… thinkin’ about getting in …

i-43bfba9da3854c549ff8b4e0ebafad27-6.1.08 034.jpg

… then again … maybe not!

i-20811bf61d33bdef89564cf8766208fd-6.1.08 037.jpg 

She was much happier running around and wrapping up in her towel!  Cheeser!!!

Principal Charity Classic

Andy’s been volunteering for the Principal Charity Golf Classic.  He was one of the marshal’s along the 17th green.  I know – too bad he didn’t get to be one of the guys with the QUIET sign!  How cool is that?!

i-87bdf0bda63d8d63beb26a18ee60083e-6.1.08 001.jpg

Marshal of the 17th green.  He means business!

i-ee5cb1cc895debf5782b69cedaed7b14-6.1.08 002.jpgi-fa3750c3bbde387781a78fb1e307080a-6.1.08 005.jpg

SCARED and HAPPY to go see golfing

i-c10abac6bf525edb80e2f3f770737ba6-6.1.08 010.jpg 

Welcome to the Principal Golf Classic, pro day.  We got to see Jay Haas (I think) and the backs of some others guys who, I guess, are a pretty big deal!

i-fdb1e7be1edfed8cf8c8b1749968dbf3-6.1.08 008.jpg

It was a gorgeous day, the course was beautiful, and Carter and I had a ball!

i-53bc3f4564f67a32454a232d8d39bf29-6.1.08 016.jpg 

Playing on the 18th green

i-64c0caf82cb002135a89c9a973964900-6.1.08 013.jpg