Words of Wisdom from a Toddler …

She may be sweet, but she for sure is sassy!  And, she’s two, so she knows it all.

This week, it seems like it’s been a week of Carter-ism’s and words of wisdom.  Here are some highlights:

“Actually …”
  “Actually, Mommy, I’m not hungry,” when I gave her green beans instead of peaches.
  “That’s pink, actually,” when she got a treat.
  “Actually, Mommy, I’m not tired,” when it was bedtime, and she was asleep within 20 minutes!

“Mommy, you need to be nice to Daddy,”
  When we were talking loudly, because he was in the living room and I was in the kitchen.  Not arguing, just talking loud to hear one another, Carter says to be nice!

“Where we at?”
  With a thoughtful look around, she asks about our location, as if she knows where “Target,” or “Des Moines” is!

“Everything … I want everything in the world …”
On the car ride to Menard’s, Carter began to whine in the backseat.  I asked her what was wrong, and she boo-hoo’ed.  I asked her what she wanted, thinking she’d say a toy or book.  No, not even close!

“Daddy, shut up!”
  I know where this came from – she was being obnoxious earlier in the week, and I (QUIETLY!!) said to Andy, “Shut up, Carter,” being silly.  Apparently she heard, or maybe I accidentally said it again.  During a game with Andy, Rory, Andy and I, she said, “Daddy, shut up!” and got hauled to bed.  She also said it again at Menard’s, to Andy, out of nowhere.  I jumped on her, and we both agreed neither of us would say it again.  At least it wasn’t, “Mommy’s a b * * * h!” at McDonald’s – yeah, that’s happened, too!


i-578cb08b0eb78075e62df2372e19b950-3.31.08 022.jpg 

So sweet and wonderful, but so sassy and two!!


Since we didn’t get the blizzard or monsoons, or the forest-fires or deadly hurricanes weather forecasters thought might hit the area, we celebrated with a trip to the park! 

i-1dd032e94e78cc81a74d012c2547b9c9-3.31.08 004.jpg 

Little girl, big slide

i-eb3e91c029a16f98cfd68241072edc53-3.31.08 005.jpg

Barely able to reach that step!

i-67c2f7a51b747dbd7872679d2056770b-3.31.08 007.jpg

Watch out for trolls under the bridge!

i-143f158fdacefe2d4f76ac4630f25ff0-3.31.08 008.jpg


i-f739d09101c97c534dffe89da336840e-3.31.08 010.jpg

Excited about the big-girl swing, and mad I wouldn’t swing “too high!”

i-fbb4b385de08a063a458f80a106a047a-3.31.08 011.jpg

The view from the top!