After a long week, we’re back to “normal.”

“Normal” being yelling at the table, running around with just a toppy, pull-up and red heals, and making “hoink, hoink” noises and a pig-nose!

At 7am, Carter was back to 98.9 degrees, and a normal 98.7 by 10am.  We got groceries – little known fact: according to Carter, jelly beans are okay for lunch! – and played.  She’s still a little moody (she’s hollering about her clippy’s right now!), but mostly we’re good to go!

Take care, be healthy, and for heavens sakes, wash, wash, wash your hands!  The flu stinks!!

i-37dfef50ee3530322e998ca68b030314-2.29.08 002.jpg 

Happy & Healthy, eating fruit and the cheese from her grilled cheese sandwich!


Taking a break …

This morning (at 3:30am, to be exact!), Carter was up for the second time.  First, at 1:30, she woke up screaming.  I checked on her, and she was completely elseep and competely terrified.  There were, and this is a direct quote, "butterflies in my eyes."  I got up, had drink, snuggled, and tried to get her back to sleep.  She finally fell asleep around 2am.  Again, this whole episode repeated itself at 3:15am.  Andy checked on her, and her heart was racing, and she was very hot.  We threw on clothes and headed to Blank Park Children’s ER.  Good times.

Turns out, it’s just the flu.  Just the flu!  For every degree the body’s temperature rises, the heart increases 20 beats per minute.  Carter was about 102 when the took her temperature.  That’s an additional 80 beats per minute for an already quick heart beat (I think it ties back to the tracheamalasia, which is way better, for the record!).  We were back home by 5:30am; Andy dropped us off at home.  Carter and I snuggled, and Andy got medicine.

So, until she’s better, it’s a job to keep up with work and the Sick Beast.  For a few days, it’s Clifford and Say What? and plenty of fluids and TLC.  Next time we post, hopefully we’ll be feeling better!