Snowy, coldy fun!

Since we missed our movie at the Science Center, we took the afternoon (actually, 15 minutes!) to play in the snow.

I don’t know if you know .. it’s COLD outside!! 

i-d05eb1ceb53212c3bdfa078d4cc95ee1-12.29.07 001.jpg


i-5345befc67b939a453f6578709d1e198-12.29.07 003.jpg

Wipe out!

i-5c32342b0ef0ff684a0d9cc1f543343b-12.29.07 007.jpg

“Coldy”Mommy and Carter

i-c45ab8941045175c8af682bd5c90d0b4-12.29.07 009.jpg 

“Snowy” Daddy and Carter

i-9780d269cb9ac290fbf210e22cb34043-12.29.07 005.jpg  i-78094c8e33a1dd08815e3be3c3ea9874-12.29.07 013.jpg

Chilly Chalupa’s!


The LOVE Sac

… more like the Love Continent!  This foamy-bean bag is seriously so big it needs its own zip code!  A colleague of Andy’s is moving from snowy IA to sunny CA, and she didn’t want to move her Love Sac bean bag (somehow, it converts to a king-size futon!  Nuts!).  She heard from someone who talks with Andy that we considering getting one for the theater room, and she made us a cozy deal we couldn’t resist!  We spent most of the evening curled up (yes, all 3 of us fit comfortably!) watching Desperate Housewives, season 3.

Speaking of the Desperate Housewives …

*  Who locks children in their basement?  Or dumps them on a deserted roadside?  Or lets them have affairs with their history teacher?  Hello – call DHS or YESS!
*  Tom’s old girlfriend, Kayla’s mom, TOTAL crazy .. but we both GASPED when Aunt Jackie shot her at the grocery store.
*  Despite what Andy tells me, I still hate Edit.  She’s gross.  But I kinda heart Mike and his road to coma recovery.
*  If Carlos, or anyone else, took a sledge hammer to my walls, I would kick their butt into his or her throat (FYI: that’s a Lynette line – she’s my favorite!)
*  We’re half-way through season 3, so you can only talk about things after the grocery store shooting.  At this rate, we’ll be on season four by the end of our winter break (don’t call it “Christmas break,” it offends people) and caught up by the end of the writer’s strike!

Let’s move our cozy new Love Sac, and everything else, to Wisteria Lane!! 

i-6d7873d29a87ef49c88aa40dc86a0c92-12.27.07 014.jpg 

Carter helped Andy and I lug this beast of a bean bag down the hall and to the theater room!  Hands down, this is the best $10 I’ve ever spent!!