Family pictures, family fun!

This evening, we went to Marshalltown for our yearly family pictures.  It may be a drive, especially when there are TONS of photography studios around Ankeny, but I’d NEVER go anywhere other than Mackenzie and John at Stalzer’s Photography (

Pictures went well, and we’ve got some decisions to make!  After pizza, Mackenzie, Natalie, Andy, Carter and I met Janine and her kiddo’s, Maddy and another Carter!, at Pizza Ranch.  You know it’s not good when they equal you in number!!  But our cherebs did wonderfully, and I can’t wait for another Parent/Kiddo’s outing!  The Wauserbaum, anyone?!? 


My snuggly family



i-808d5a6b34497a90d24002a11bef1d26-11.30.07 004.jpg 

Carter, Natalie, and Carter

i-22574690701d12d9611ac00f82c3b20d-11.30.07 005.jpg

Maddy (5) and Carter (2) Anderson, Natalie Duncan (5) and Carter Kay (2)


Oh Christmas Tree!

Carter was able to help this year, but much less interested than in the past!  Such a busy-body!

i-6d6ad1473ec6420e02d5ed166fa25d7f-11.26.07 003.jpg 

Fluffing branches

i-a04b1f91373bd02f7123cdedea2e069b-11.26.07 005.jpg

“I fluffin!”

i-6942e85911524843c0f0389e105a655e-11.26.07 009.jpg

Draped in Christmas Pretties!

i-c1f673caff2b6af52b080f8b672525d2-11.27.07 004.jpg

Like at Grandma and Poppy’s, all of Carter’s ornaments seemed to end up in the same general location!

i-c6b88bf23f0fdc9b4df6442dba51d2e5-11.27.07 018.jpg

Decorating fools!

i-76c429f7d01760b1cbca72fcbbef39de-11.27.07 022.jpg 

Happy decorating!!