We’ve found and adopted our new park.  We have to drive – we didn’t at the old house, but the new park is bigger and has a pond with a “mountain” (aka – a fountain!) and ducks!

i-6f7b0beebc6ac69b8b2d1cefe8e22fc5-9.31.07 018.jpg

Running across the paths like a park-pro!

i-9c2f329245e797127f90adf8d6831255-9.31.07 019.jpg

“SLIIIIDE, Mommy!”

i-727d9c41536a7e3fa0c8925b0e73e9ed-9.31.07 020.jpg

Daddy and Carter brave the swinging platforms!  Doesn’t it kinda look like a Survivor challenge??

i-e68d2ec8489d72f57643c88d7f8dfab2-9.31.07 023.jpg

She knows no fear!

i-3baae317678482b112a9d071c6313791-9.31.07 027.jpg


i-7753333301b6c394df9bdcfee3a1cd15-9.31.07 030.jpg 

The park is always fun!


She just keeps getting bigger!

Big girl foods, big girl sandals, big girl piggies .. now her big girl bed!  

It is true: they do grow up too fast!

i-04f84de2c5c73eaaf00f4d33e28e3658-9.31.07 007.jpg

Carter helps!

i-3b044da939fe2d8b6a76f7096c6fb41f-9.31.07 008.jpg

She’s not much of a “help,” but she’s too sweet to say no to!

i-ac705c5d53ee99f08215ca5e0e0e4487-9.31.07 010.jpg

.. maybe she could just push it up the steps!

i-e9c78b24dfeb9b3a92178853e29c0fc0-9.31.07 013.jpg

Enjoying the fruits of their labor!

i-7ab7933627de5748523eb03d230f097d-9.31.07 014.jpg

She loves her big girl bed!

i-a2c9d0ebb4f52ea35af7488c8fbf8532-9.31.07 015.jpg

LOVE IT!  But the true question is: WILL SHE STAY IN IT???
UPDATE: we laid her down at 8:15 Saturday evening, and when we checked on her at 8:30, she was out – in the same spot we put her in!  Sunday morning, around 8:15, we heard “KNOCK! KNOCK!” and “MOMMY?  DADDY?” and we knew she was out and ready to get up!