Woo hoo!


Our cabinets are going up .. nicely, I might add!

.. so where should we stash the Jelly Belly’s and other snacks??? 

i-9b39c5709c535eb5dcb66bebaf749a6f-8.30.07 001.jpg 

LOVE IT!  We get more excited every time something new pops up!

No one’s happy!

No good!

We had to scale back some of our painting plans, due to the additional $1,000 it would have cost us (!!!).  We had intended to paint one wall a pale green’ish and the other three walls pink, but went all pink to save money.  The painter misinterpreted this as the one green wall being pink, and the three pink walls being unpainted.  So, in theory, we’ve paid $200 for this room to be 1/4 painted.  

I’m as thrilled as Carter (see below) about it.

i-3a105eaf1e6a35dc6ed671f856e7b539-8.30.07 002.jpg

The pink’s so great that I’d love to have it on all 4 walls!  Like, now!

i-398484f09e264e809d00a4751123c5ec-8.30.07 003.jpg 

Carter, at 8:00, didn’t care if walls were pink, or green, or existent!  She was tired and wanted to go to bed!  It took bears x2 to keep her calm(er)!