New Home: The Weekly Update

Progress, progress, progress!

The furnance is in, and venting has been run all over the house.  On top of our already-insultated walls (remember they were extra-thick coming from Wisconsin on the truck?  They have insulation in them already), some insulation has been stuck behind tubs and closets for extra warmth/coolness.  The electrical peeps have installed our meter and will begin indoor work this week. 

We’re still looking at early September to take possession and move in!

i-ae046d0f1edf602fd80c9e701f5edd24-7.31.07 010.jpg

Cutie on the Steps!

i-5f31e1b37c888f177115120e0e17f1ab-7.31.07 011.jpg

Either that’s a big tub, or she’s a little baby!

i-30221f47d730253f37b5e5a4fd466f07-7.31.07 013.jpg

The pristine, new Furnace and A/C

i-3628759be5d1321659538047fe6d8e1d-7.31.07 015.jpg 


PS:  There are 84 lots in our development, and 4 have houses being built (ours, and three model homes owned by realty companies).  Vanderkamp, the company building the other three houses called the City of Ankeny to tattle on us.  Our covenant states that no “modeler homes,” or trailers, can be built in the development.  Because our house is coming in pieces, and Stutzman Builders rocks and is making them look slow, incompetant, and pathetic, they tried to rat us out.  Huh … maybe if you put that time and effort into your buildings, you’d be at the same point we are!  Idiots!